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Restoring Page We grouped the Restore pages for specific year, and Common articles. That way users can see both specific and common articles in one group!

Finally! Gauges Restored!

North Hollywood Speedometer- Timely, very reasonable, Great Job! Click here for more...

We will bring you a host of information specific to the 1945 Willys MB Jeep. In addition, we will bring you articles that are common for all WWII jeeps.

Harley's Restore... last post 5/12/11

We will be posting updates of Harley's 45mb restore as he progresses on it. The delays in this restoring this vehicle is not in putting the vehicle together, but the challenge of finding all the parts (as everyone who has done this knows).
Click Here to review pictures of Harley's restore

Rene Rovai's Data…

Serial Number search. We are continually changing the format to help users search for Willys MB data. If you have information that is not displaying, then send us feedback so we can update our information. If you would like to have some research done on your GPW send us a note, and we will contact you.

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WWII Jeep Registry

We log all jeeps by serial number...add yours!

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